Dice Me Online FREE 2.2.2

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The best online poker dice game ever!

Dice Me Online is a poker dice game, You can play alone or online!

The object of Dice Me is to obtain the highest score from throwing 5 dice.
The game consists of 13 rounds. In each round, you roll the dice and then score the roll in one of 13 categories. You must score once in each category. The score is determined by a different rule for each category.
You can learn how to play Dice Me in extras/rules section.

The game has three game modes:

- Classic: Classic poker dice game.
- Color: The dices can be red, green or yellow.
- Duplicate: At the beginning of each round, the computer secretly rolls 15 dice, and the outcome of each player's rolls will be the same (provided, of course, that they chose to reroll the same number of dice). It's a strategic version of the game.

Play with your friends in same device with Dice Me Duplicate Mode!

HIGHSCORES ONLINE! Try to be the best player in the world ever!.

Whats' New
- COLOR mode!
- Honeycomb support!
- Achievements!
- Challenges!
- qHD support!
- Galaxy Tab support!
- Heyzap & Scoreloop!

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If you got any problem, you want a new feature or you only want to suggest me something, please email me, I read and reply all emails.
Thank you for playing!

IMPORTANT: If you get FC every time you must to uninstall and reinstall the application. It's an android issue ( http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=10789 )

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